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NEO Hitparade

NeoCoco Cat Zagreb

NeoCoco Zagreb


Test all the components of your Coconut.


A nice little synth noisy toy.

Updated the synth (_12_), for cooler LED effects and other stuff


A claasiic by ChrisMicro

8Bit Mixtape NEO


Test all the components of your hardware.


A claasiic by ChrisMicro


Algorithmic sounds, inspired by Viznut. Updated the classic OneLiners to the 8Bit Mixtape NEO, turn on/off visuals.

Attiny SoundPitix-VCO NEO

A simple VCO, slightly outdated software syhnth, but cool with visuals now. Board needs to be restarted again after upload to work properly.

IrqPcControlSynth 054

PC controlled synthesizer with two LFO and one HFO

To control the synth you need this java application.

Download Main_IrqPcControllerForSynth.jar

On windows just click on it to start it. On linux you can run it from command line:

java -jar ./Main_IrqPcControllerForSynth.jar

java -jar ~/Arduino/AttinySound/_053_IrqPcControlSynth/java/Main_IrqPcControllerForSynth.jar

Family Mart Chime

Because we can... Greetings from Taipei!

One Pixel Board


Gär Lämpli - ギャランプリー - 起酵燈仔

Gär Lämpli - ギャランプリー


First Prototype

first prototype

Attiny / BabyGnusbuino based DIY boards

Tape stayled PCB board Trying to fit it into a tape Attiny (non Baby) Board Manila edition

Berliner Schule

Next-level Shit

8Bit Mixtape NEO


Next-Level Shit GaudiLabs stayle

Next-level Shit

Code examples

Authors and Contributors

Iyok, Ucok, dusjagr, Mr. Gaudi, Antirender, ChrisMicro